You can’t fix stupid.


No matter how much one tries it just isn’t possible to get someone to see the error of their waves. Even though it is quite tempting to smack them with a 2 x 4 you will not get the results you wanted.

Two separate people, quite a similar story. Both have done something that was a large commitment such as adopting a pet when they’ve complained of money woes- utilities being shut off, bankruptcy, lack of job, etc. You get the picture. In the same breath that they tell you this they go on to complain about not being able to afford something or two weeks later can’t afford an appointment that is much needed for a child or ask family to pay for photos of the child if they want one because they just can’t afford it. Even comments about not affording certain things for the pet they have.

I’m like seriously??! *FACEPALM*

I’m not perfect, but these two separate people are making a very similar mistake and I know they aren’t alone. I know we’ve all made a stupid mistake in our past, but damn. I hope someone would whack me upside my head if I did or thought something similarly stupid.

I can’t even begin how irritating it is to listen to someone prattle on all their woes and then go on to purchase frivolous items or pets or intentionally get pregnant and then they are back to complaining about their woes.

There is so much more I could say here and I could probably say it so much better than I have. I told you I’m not perfect.


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